Discover the natural elegance of hardwood flooring

Welcome to the world of hardwood flooring, where natural beauty meets timeless elegance. Wood floors are not just a choice; they're an investment in the warmth and character of your home. Our extensive range of hardwood flooring options ensures that every customer can find their perfect match.

Solid wood vs. engineered wood flooring


Regarding hardwood flooring, the choice often boils down to solid wood and engineered wood. Both options have their unique advantages, catering to different needs and environments.

  1. Solid hardwood flooring: Solid wood flooring is what it sounds like: planks of solid hardwood. It's the traditional choice, known for its authenticity, longevity, and the ability to be sanded and refinished several times over its lifetime. Solid wood floors are ideal for spaces with consistent climate control, as they are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity.
  2. Engineered hardwood flooring: Engineered wood flooring, on the other hand, is a modern innovation. It consists of a thin layer of hardwood on top of a core of high-quality plywood. This construction provides enhanced stability, making engineered wood less susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity. It's an excellent choice for areas where solid wood may not be practical, such as basements or over concrete subfloors.

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Why choose wood floors?


Hardwood flooring offers numerous benefits that go beyond mere aesthetics. Here are some reasons to consider hardwood floors for your home:

  • Timeless beauty and variety: Wood floors bring a natural, warm, and inviting feel to any space. With a wide range of species, colors, and finishes available, hardwood flooring can complement any interior design, from traditional to contemporary.
  • Impressive durability and lifespan: Hardwood floors are known for their durability. When maintained properly, they can last for more than 100 years, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run. They are also ideal for homes with pets and children due to their resistance to wear and tear.
  • Easy to clean: Contrary to popular belief, hardwood floors are relatively easy to clean. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping with a wood-friendly cleaner are all it takes to keep them looking pristine. Wood floors also don't harbor allergens like carpets, making them a healthier choice for your family.
  • li>Adds value to your home: Installing hardwood flooring can increase the value of your home. Hardwood is a sought-after feature for homebuyers, often leading to faster sales and higher offers.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable: Hardwood floors are an environmentally friendly choice. Wood is a natural, renewable resource, and many manufacturers now source their wood from certified sustainable forests. By choosing hardwood, you're making a green choice for your home and the planet.

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Hardwood flooring is an excellent floor covering for those looking to enhance the beauty and value of their homes. Whether you prefer solid wood's traditional elegance or engineered wood's modern versatility, there's a hardwood flooring option to suit every style and need. Visit Giovino's Flooring to explore our vast collection and take the first step towards transforming your home with the timeless charm of hardwood floors. We're a member of the National Federation of Independent Businesses and certified by the National Wood Flooring Association. Our flooring store in Tunkhannock, PA, serves Wyoming County PA, Luzerne County PA, Susquehanna County PA, Lackawanna County PA, and Tunkhannock, PA. Call today!